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Doggie Ear Cleaner 4oz

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 Did you know your dogs ears can smell yeasty? 

If the ear isn't cleaned regularly you may face a trip to the vet if there is infection or yeast build up. 

Any dog can have ear problems. The dogs that have the most troubles are the open ear dogs, droopy dog ears, and dogs that swims a lot. 

Our solution will clean the ear canals, dissolve any wax buildup, reduce the yeast buildup, soothe any itchy ears, eliminate that smelly ear odor, and will not burn or dry the ear skin. 

Our Cleaner will help promote great ear hygiene. 

What's in it?

Aloe Camphor Coco Betaine
Denatured Alcohol Eucalyptus Wintergreen Leaf Oil


Directions on use

Gather ear cleaner, cotton balls, treats

Only use cotton balls or cotton gauze squares

Squirt a bit of the ear cleaner onto cotton ball and wipe inside of ear out

Repeat using a fresh cotton ball