Trulli Aromaworks Aromatherapy Sleep Pocket Inhaler – The Lavender Lilac
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The Lavender Lilac The Lavender Lilac
The Lavender Lilac The Lavender Lilac

Aromaworks Aromatherapy Sleep Pocket Inhaler

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SLEEP Pocket Inhaler is aromatherapy made easy. Inside a slender inhaler base there is a cotton spine soaked in rich essential oils that quiet the body, mind and emotions so that sleep can come effortlessly. Whether the problem is chronic insomnia or just temporary sleeplessness, this 100% natural remedy works without leaving you groggy or lethargic. Safe for adults, teens and children ages 5+. Non-habit forming.

  • A NATURAL SEDATIVE to relieve insomnia – fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, wake up refreshed
  • SAFE FOR ALL AGES even children ages 5+ who have trouble going to sleep at bedtime
  • ESSENTIAL OIL FORMULA THAT WORKS FAST because aromatherapy affects the brain instantly
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on every purchase, every time, no questions asked
  • COMES IN A CONVENIENT POCKET-SIZE INHALER so you can use it anywhere, anytime

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